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Wedding hairstyles to love

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Wedding hairstyles to love




From time to time we will need to join up, we may be anxious to do hairstyles how to fit in to what we can do to participate in the wedding to make it pretty and cute. We had a wedding I went to see it too.

1.If we are the ones who like the braiding it. I can braid it. In order to be able to make it up to us, it may be a side braid and curly hair on the back of this he was able to turn Luke into our sweet girl to me.
2. Whether we are healthy, I have already let it be so long that it expands to show us that black and shiny is good for the hair. And what I love about it is that makes us pretty well.
3. Want to see successfully compiles, you can do it. Because it will allow us to gather Nagnl polite, and if it is collectible and pretend he raised. We then went on to become a confident girl and I love it very much.
4. A man with long hair and even hair color, we can make the curly perm to make it look pretty bright. The girls are very popular because it is an aspect of our personality is like Korean hairstyles are hot right now.
5. I might make my short hair so Seth and I have the volume required. Watches and jewelry I wear a tie to my mind is how many we have.

The different hairstyles that we have to consider that. To make appropriate and timely use of a beautiful ornament. To a wedding. And the lack of hair that would not fit with our personality.
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Hairstyles for the bride

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Hairstyles for the bride

Today we are talking about. The bride’s hair here. For engagement. And the wedding. Many of the bride. It might be my choice. In exactly the same as it was the hair. To suit themselves. It is not difficult. So we choose the hairstyle to match. We do not make better.

Make a Glamorous Evening.
How high hair. Respondents to show forehead. That have a hunch that The need for it. Of the craft. Of a hairdresser. For my hair. So a bunch of fashion, I was playing catch overlap to give rise to, then make it sub-sides. After the placement. By a delicate art.

Making the Classic Morning.
I used to be a pearl. This will make it stand out. Amelia by the use of two colors. Because it is a group of the bride. View Sweet and refreshing. The rear end is to make full for the bride. The small, slender face. If you do not want to lean on. To do so below. During the roll call of the roll and relaxed that I just absolutely beautiful.

Making the Sweet Morning.
For the morning ceremony. It is little comfort. By the hair. And the forehead in a blurry, because it will make it look sweet. And it was not too smooth. And it helps. Face of the bride. Not too pronounced. It is suitable bride. It has served me quite round. And woven braid. In a way that is orderly fashion, I have only this, the bride will have. He was elegant in the unit and that the hairstyle fits your face. It will make you look elegant with all the girls I work with in my life.

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